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Links are listed in alphabetical order.  Those with New are new since the last update or so.  All websites are in English unless otherwise noted.

TopBonnie Pink Related Websites

Most of the following links are in Japanese.  There's always the option of using Google Translate to translate them into English.  It has its limitations though.

Bonnie Pink Official Home Page [ Japanese only ] :: You can also visit the Let go Tour Report there.

BPinfinity [ Japanese only ] ::

Under The Sun [ Korean only ] ::

Warner Music Japan:  Bonnie Pink [ Japanese only ] :: Her webpage at her record label.

TopOnline Stores Selling Bonnie Pink Media

Amazon Japan [ Japanese only ] :: Although the website is in Japanese, there's an English version of their help page.  If you preorder early enough, you can get a discount.

CD Japan [ also in Japanese ] :: Find any music audio/video items (sadly, no LPs though), from the obscure to the well-known.

Fujisan.com [ also in English ] :: I haven't ordered from them for a very long time.  They're reliable albeit slow.  Everything Japanese related you can want and they do special orders on items they don't have.

HMV Japan [ also in Japanese ] :: I've never ordered from them because of the shipping costs, but I've shopped at their retail store.  They tend to have discounts for a variety of their products.

JpopHelp.com :: Besides video/audio media they have magazines and books.  I haven't had any trouble from them so far.  Pay attention to the product number on the items to help you distinguish bootlegs from the real deal (if it's not obvious enough).

Tokyo Recohan :: Used CDs.

Yahoo! Japan Auctions [ Japanese only ] :: Enter Bonnie Pink in the search field and you're displayed with a list of BP stuff being auctioned off.  Too bad many of the auctioneers don't ship internationally, but that's where Rinkya comes in.

YesAsia.com [ also in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean ] :: Bargains/sales/deals come up every so often.  Order processing is slow though.

TopJ-Pop Related Websites

Anime Lyrics :: Itching for some anime, game, and/or J-pop lyrics?  Get them here.

Musicwhore.org :: Excellent music reviews of varying genres including J-pop/rock.  A review of Let go, Just a Girl, Present, and Pink in Red can be found there.

Rock of Japan :: This site is huge!  All the Japanese rock you could ever want.

Silent Water Ripples ::
Silent Water Ripples

TopOther Interesting Websites

Folding@Home :: Don't let those precious idle CPU cycles go to waste.

MegaTokyo :: A wonderful manga style comic.

Penny Arcade :: Hilarious online comic strip.
Penny Arcade

Rage3D :: Definitive place for ATI graphics board owners.

TopLink Me!

Use the information below to link me from your own webpage.  Or you can have me link you.  If you plan to use the image below, if possible, please upload the image to your own server and not link directly to where I have the image stored.  Thanks!

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