E-mail is the best way to get a hold of me even though I can be very slow to reply at times.  My main e-mail address:

 Instant Message

An alternative method of contact is via a chat client...

Google Talk - Screen name:  see e-mail above
AIM - Screen name:  psijei
ICQ - UIN/Nickname:  5370520/Psiphon
Yahoo! Messenger - ID:  psi_particle

I recommend using Trillian especially if you are using more than one service.


Why not sign my guestbook?  Or view the entries by other guests?  Leave any comments you like--constructive criticisms are always welcome.  Don't bother with HTML because I disabled it.  The only reason there's this restriction is that there's no way for me to edit your message if you happen to forget to close your tags.

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Maybe.  I'm not sure yet.

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