Real Name :: [ ? ]
Birthdate :: April 16, 1973
Birthplace :: [ ? ]
Blood Type :: A

Bonnie Pink is a Japanese singer/songwriter.  A number of her tracks are in English making her music more accessible to people.  She sings them as well as her Japanese ones and sometimes her accent isn't even that noticeable (I'm use to it I suppose).  This was going to be a little bio thingy about her, but I've been too lazy to make one.  Check out the links page for more info.

My first exposure to her music was what got me interested in J-pop/rock.  It was, I believe in 1997, when I was watching [ ? ] in Japan.  They happened to have a new ending theme song for the series and it was It's gonna rain!.  I found myself liking it a whole lot.  A month or two later I went to the Daiei shopping mall to purchase the single.  Instead of plunking down 1,000 yen for it, I spent close to 3,000 yen (less than $25) on Heaven's Kitchen.  I figured I'd take a risk and try out this Bonnie Pink.  I was instantly hooked.  Well, that's all there is to tell.

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