About the Site

External links and lyrics open in a new window while images appear in a popup window.  Japanese text support is recommended.  A question mark next to the Japanese text provides you with the romanized translation and sometimes an English translation.


It first went up on May 14 (Monday) of 2001.  The layout/design did not change much since then because I'm not all that good with graphics and I find that aspect of the creational process tedious and boring.


Just for kicks. That and hopefully make people more aware of Bonnie Pink.


These are what I used to create this fansite...

.:  Paint Shop Pro/Animation Shop [ commercial ] :: Image manipulation/creation
.:  EditPad Pro [ commercial ] :: Webpage editing
.:  Japanese IME [ free ] :: Japanese text input
.:  FileZilla [ free ] :: Uploading

These are the browsers I used for testing under Windows...

.:  Mozilla Firefox :: The browser I use exclusively.  Alternatives that use the Gecko rendering engine:  K-Meleon | Camino | Galeon
.:  Opera :: It gets better with each release.
.:  Internet Explorer :: I've never liked IE much and that's that.
.:  Netscape Navigator 4.80 :: It lacks full CSS support.  The ones it does support are rendered differently from the above browsers.  Also, it takes forever to load pages containing a bunch of nested tables.  I haven't tested my website under this browser for a very long time.  I don't even have it anymore and it seems Netscape doesn't have it for download.

And these are the online resources I referred to...

.:  Jim Breen's WWWJDIC :: An indispensable Japanese<->English dictionary.  Looking up kanji can't get any easier than this.
.:  W3C :: Great resource and useful validators can be found there.
.:  W3Schools :: Excellent tutorials and reference material.
.:  FreeWebspace.net :: Guide to free webhosting.
.:  The Ultimate JavaScript Client Sniffer :: Emphasis on "ultimate".


I use to have a personal homepage and now it's reduced to just a cover page.  And if you want, you can check out what other music I like:  Last.fm profile.

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